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sn_newsletter's Journal

Supernatural Newsletter
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A Supernatural Community bringing you the latest news from the Supernatural fandom. Newsletters are published daily, or every two days if there's not enough content to be added, and contain:

- Fiction: classified by genre (gen, het and slash) with appropriate ratings if given,
- Recommendations: for fics, vids, etc.
- News: both show-related and fandom-related (ex: article or recap, new community or challenge),
- Icons: for new icons posted,
- Fanart: for anything graphic made by fans (layouts, graphics, etc.),
- Vids,
- Episode Related Posts: for reactions on new episodes,
- Meta: for discussion about the show or parts of it.

Why isn't my story listed in the Newsletter?
There are several possible reasons:
- I may have missed it, even though I try to keep track of everything;
- I considered it unreadable. This newsletter isn't a rec journal, but if, for instance, spelling/grammar is so bad I can't read the first paragraph, it won't get linked;
- It's a WIP: they are considered, but not all of them are added;
- It's a drabble: only entries with several drabbles or links to them will get linked.

What is your policy on spoilers?
I link to verified spoilers only, and never mention their content in the link so as to not spoil at all those who wish to remain unspoiled.

What about fanart/icons?
If you specifically state that your icons are of, say, Alec from 'Dark Angel' and not either Jensen or Dean, then it won't get linked. Most of the time, though, if you posted it to a Supernatural community and/or didn't specify anything, I'll link to the post.

And friends-locked posts?
Nothing friends-locked will be linked to, since:
- I assume if you locked it, you don't want people who aren't your friends to know about it;
- it's 'unfair' for people who can't see the post to be 'teased' by the link, and chances are all of your friends already saw your post.

Can I send links that I think should be added to the newsletter?
Yes. Either send them by e-mail or post in the community; posts are moderated, but I'll see the content.

Do you use tags?
No, because the newsletters each contain the same things, so it wouldn't be very useful. But if you're looking for something specific, each entry linked to is added to the memories.

Couldn't you detail more what each picture post/fic post/story is about?
No, because:
- it would take me hours;
- the goal of this newsletter isn't to explain to you what people posted about, just to give a basic list of recent Supernatural related entries. Only ratings are added for the benefit of minors who may find this newsletter, but if you want to know what a story is about, click on the link to find out.

Other Questions/Answers:
1. If you were mentioned in a newsletter and wish to alter the content/be taken off it, either comment or send an e-mail.

2. If you were mentioned in a newsletter and wish never to be, comment or e-mail.

3. If you want to help maintain the community (find the links, write the newsletter, check the links and add the entries to the memories), feel free to offer your help by e-mail. Depending on the state of the fandom and various RL things, I may ask you to take over/help for a while at some point.

4. If you want to become an affiliate, again, e-mail is your friend.

5. If you want to offer your talent at graphics/layout/icon making, then by all means, please e-mail.

Any question not mentioned here should be sent to: marecagee@hotmail.com

Inspired by the community sga_newsletter.

Supernatural Affiliates:

Newsletter Affialiates:

E-mail if you want to become an affiliate.