November 27th

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Fiction: Gen
The Fascination of the Abomination by curtain__call
Dark by evesharmony [G]
On The Inside by ivy_x3 [G]
Surviving The Silence by jediprincessdsv [G]
Starbucks by litashields [PG]
I'd Die For You by staceey & crazy4qaf
Cracked by whereupon [R]
Law of Diminishing Returns (June) by witchofthedogs

Fiction: Slash (Sam/Dean)
Almost a Chick Flick Moment by burningchaos [PG-13]
Sometimes the Hero Gets the Guy Part 1 and Part 2 by isolde13
Incubus by lexalot [R]
Man, I Feel Like a Woman Part 2 by lyra_wing [R]
Bar Fight by staceey & crazy4qaf
Caution: Biological Hazard by ramalyn [NC-17]

Fiction: Het
Possession by aglarelen (Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC) [PG-13]

Fiction: Crossovers
Years by nevcolleil Angel Crossover [PG-13]

Vid Rec by quietdiscerning
Fic Rec by marinarusalka
Fic Recs by maygra

Jared Picspam by witchofthedogs

Icon Post by aotearoagal
Icon Post by a_red_spot
Icon Post by blurredlights
Icon Post by carmendove
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Icon Post by lisaroquin
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Wallpapers by carmendove
Wallpaper by lisaroquin
Wallpaper by lost_witness
Wallpaper by lost_witness
Sam/Dean Manip by sylph_ironlight

Guernica by quietdiscerning
Nice to Know You by quietdiscerning
Basketcase by staceey
Home To Me by staceey
House of Pain by staceey
Naughty Naughty by staceey
Drive by ringwench
Requiem by scealai17
Cathedrals by spiritofkt
Don't Come Easy by witchofthedogs
Never Gonna Stop by witchofthedogs

Supernatural Soundtrack by anashi

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November 22th (& missed entries from the week)

Article from the Lawrence Journal
Jared on College Bound Teen Magazine
People Magazine Article & Pictures posted by stone_princess
Winchester Boys: Supernatural Online Store at Cafepress by texasugirl

Missouri as Mother by alethialia

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Challenge 16 up at super_icontest
Stories from the 'Route 66' Challenge at supernatural100
New challenge up at supernatural100: Motels
Challenge 4 up at super_stillness

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Fiction: Gen
It Costs a Million Quarters by acf151 [PG-13]
Girl in the War by catalects [PG-13]
He Doesn't Know, He's Good & On Hiw Way by quietdiscerning
Home by fuzzybluemonkey
Our Memories Defeat Us by kaiyote [PG-13]
Another Roadside Attraction by la_anah [PG-13]
Woe to the Earth and the Sea by lalejandra [R]
Havoc at the Home Depot by lunarknightz [PG-13]
Kiss Goodnight by luvjlb [G]
King of the Road by maygra
Leaving Kansas by maygra
Burning by philote_auctor [PG]
Confidence by whereupon [PG-13]
Law of Diminishing Returns (April) by witchofthedogs

Fiction: Slash (Sam/Dean)
Nightmares and Dreamscapes by 16shadesofwild [R]
Darkness by arby_m [R]
No Quarter by traveller [R]
Beautiful Mistake by cryabluemoon
Demon Country series: Part 1 - The Monster Under The Bed, A Little Help From Bob, The Temptation of Dean, Part 4 - Questions Without Answers and Part 5 - Don't Lose Your Head by dhvana
Phantom Traveller by elzano [NC-17]
And When They Fall by girl_wonder [NC-17]
To Keep Your Cover Stories Straight by kaiyote [PG]
Tell Me No Lies by sxeraven [NC-17]
Don't Follow by wrenlet [NC-17]

Fiction: Other
Nightmares and Dreamscapes by 16shadesofwild [R]

Fiction: Crossovers
Pangs of Jealousy by lisaroquin [PG-13] BtVS Crossover (Dean/Xander)

Fiction: RPS
Candy by formelydf (Jensen/Jared)
For Posterity's Sake by kho [NC-17] (Jensen/Michael Rosenbaum)

Fic Rec by quietdiscerning
Fic Recs by stone_princess
Fic Rec by witchofthedogs

Picspam by kho
Jensen Picture posted by kwerkee
Jensen Picture posted by quarterturn
Jensen Pictures posted by robanybody
Jared & Jensen Picspam by stone_princess
People Magazine Pictures posted by stone_princess
Jared Picture linked by witchofthedogs
People Magazine Picture posted by witchofthedogs
'Home' Picspam by wistful_fever

Icon Post by butterflyimages
Icon Post by elohvee
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'Bugs' & 'Home' Icons by __wasted_icons

Wallpaper by carmendove
December Calendar by imsinkingfast
Wallpaper by tearsofaphoenix

Savin' Me by hauntedbynature
Blaze of Glory by staceey
Hallelujah by staceey
Untitled by staceey
Wayward Son by staceey

Jared on KTLA by lost_witness
Clownana by stone_princess

Updated Betas List by marecagee
John Winchester's Email Clues by stone_princess
Rockford, Illinois (re: John's Email) by witchofthedogs

Small Hiatus

sn_newsletter is going on a (limited) hiatus until the LJ flunk gets resolved, as I can't access most of the entries that should be added right now and the Newsletter itself doesn't seem to show up on a lot of people's flists.

It'll be back up on Tuesday for the new episode, hopefully with a list of all of the missed links from this week. My apologies to all of you.

November 17th - 18th


November 15th - 16th

New community: sn_discussion
New community: super_real

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'Home' Screencaps by aemenangel

Jensen Picture by aquapoet1

Fiction: Gen
The Lost Boy by alethialia [PG]
Run by brandywine421 [PG]
All The Talking by dragonsinger
Stories by formelydf
Photographs of You by kho [R]
Something About Mary & Mary, Did You Know by lunarknightz
Irony is Not a Fan of Demons by zeplum [PG-13]

Fiction: Slash (Sam/Dean)
Sweet Dreams by beanside [NC-17]
Wednesday's Child by deannaz [NC-17]
Yesterday Is The Same As Today, But Already Over by gravi_girl123 [R]
Blood Brother by lucylooo The Forsaken crossover [R]
Untitled by semi_anonymous [R]
Driving by shealynn88 [PG]
Truths Spoken in Anger by halfshellvenus [PG]

Fiction: Het
Pilot 2.0 by gigglingkat (Sam/Jess)

Fic Recs by dragonsinger
Fic Rec by marecagee
Supernatural Group Rec by magickly
Fic Recs by witchofthedogs

Somethin' Bad by krisdae

Dean's email address by dragonsinger
Supernatural: The Musical! by ezgal
Jensen voted Hottest Guy on Primetime Tv by linked by marecagee
Hiatus Viewing Club by witchofthedogs
Spoilers posted by witchofthedogs
Spoilers posted by witchofthedogs

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November 14th