marecagee (marecagee) wrote in sn_newsletter,


It just came to my attention that people still had this community friended and/or found it without realizing there was another Newsletter out there, so just FYI: spnnewsletter

I'll use this opportunity to apologize for leaving everybody hanging dry; RL troubles kept me away from the 'net for months, and I have to admit the newsletter was the least of my worries. When I finally thought about it, I figured it'd been so long since I'd updated it that a new one had probably already been created to take over, which is what happened.

I'll be keeping this community around, because I figure browsing through old links can still be fun, but it won't be updated anymore. So for the few of you who hadn't heard about it before, head on over spnnewsletter.

Thanks for the ride and the comments, everyone, and now go thank your new moderators estrella30 and monkiedude.
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