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December 13th - 16th

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marinarusalka's thoughts on Phantom Traveller

Fiction: Gen
Midnight Clear by beanside [PG-13]
The Silence in Between by catalects [PG]
untitled 76 by traveller
Rituals by ezgal [G]
Just A Little Lullaby by joyfulgirl41 [G]
A Taste Of Smoke by koyote19 [G]
Haunted by sinden [G]
Family Matters by winterlive [PG-13]
Psychic Spare Time by winterlive

Fiction: Slash (Sam/Dean)
To Hell in a Handbasket by elohvee[R]
Just Like by sorrelchestnut [R]
Last Man Standing by jdsampson [PG-13]
Lead Us Not Into Temptation by joyfulgirl41 [NC-17]
Hurts by laminy [NC-17]
Wish You Were Here by marcusflint (Jess/Sam) [PG-13]
Christmas Trees Do Not Make Good Pets by slytherinblack [PG]
Senses by sylph_ironlight [PG-13]
Snow Bunnies by tallisen [NC-17]
Don't Ask, Don't Tell by winterlive [NC-17]

Vid Rec by amothea
Fic rec by i_naiad
Fic Rec by monkiedude
Fic Recs by robanybody
Fic & Post Recs by stormcloude
Rentboy Fic Recs by stormcloude
Fic Recs by stone_princess

Jensen & Jared Picspam by gwyntastic
Jensen & Jared Eye!Picspam by gwyntastic
Sam Picture posted by robanybody
Jensen Picspam by stone_princess
Jensen/Jared Picture posted by winterlive

Icon Post by delgaserasca
Icon Post by frightened_eyes
Icon Post by lipsofpoison
Icons & Bases by oraclejenn
Icon Post by red_tanger
Icon Post by sacred_scar
Icon Post by strawberries007
Icon Post by neversince

Wallpaper by elohvee
Sam Manip by ezgal [PG]
Banners by teamane

I Don't Want To Wake Up by existentialism
Scars by staceey

January Promo by mrscutedean

Supernatural Sign-Up Sheet on crack_van
Transcriptions of John's Diary Entries by ezgal
John as Abusive!Dad by robanybody
SN vs. SPN by scribewraith
Transcriptions of John's Diary Entries by winterlive
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