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December 9th - 12th

News & Articles
A Formula Behind the Fright (Washington Post) posted at sn_daily
Supernatural Captures Horror Flick Terror on the Small Screen

Possession Challenges Stories on spn_flashfic
Challenges 7-11 at supernatural100

Episode Related Thoughts
viometsmiles's thoughts on Asylum

Fiction: Gen
The World Was His Cloister by brynwulf [PG-13]
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by crumpeteer [G]
A Storm in the Silence by lyra_wing [PG]
Quand Sam Dort by moonfairyhime [PG-13]
Moonlight by pixiewildfire [PG]
White Knight by pixiewildfire
Welcome to the Club by relativity1953
The Middle of Nowhere by scealai17
Untitled Vignette by semi_anonymous [R]

Fiction: Het (Sam/Jess)
New Flower by pixel_0 [PG-13]

Fiction: Slash (Sam/Dean)
Hot Hot Heat by 16shadesofwild
Undulating Dynamics by dhvana
Phantom Traveller by elzano [NC-17]
Hymnal by figletofvenice [PG-13]
Nobody Loses All The Time by julissak01 [NC-17]
Room and Board by maygra [NC-17]
The Fall From Grace in Ten Easy Steps by maygra [R]
Never Again by staceey & crazy4qaf [NC-17]
Strangers in the Night by staceey & crazy4qaf [NC-17]
Tired by _samdean_ [NC-17]
If Cars Could Talk by slytherinblack [PG-13]
It's Been Awhile by axis2cluster_b Boondock Saints Crossover (Dean/Connor McManus) [NC-17]
As Water by whereupon [R]

Fiction: Crossovers
Hunter Series Interlude: Walmart by lisaroquin [PG-13]
It's Been Awhile by axis2cluster_b Boondock Saints Crossover (Dean/Connor McManus, Dean/Sam) [NC-17]

Fiction: RPS (Jensen/Jared)
Hiatus by maidazia [NC-17]

Fic Rec by amothea
Fic Rec by amothea
Fic Rec by traveller
Fic Rec by traveller
Fic Rec by gravi_girl123
Fic recs by maidazia
Fic Recs by stone_princess
Fic Rec by winterlive
Vid Rec by wistful_fever
Fic Rec by witchofthedogs

Jared and Jensen Picspam by robanybody
Jensen Picspam by stone_princess
Jensen Picspam by stormcloude
Jensen & Jared Pictures by sylph_ironlight

Icon Post by angeliquesg
Icon Post by elohvee
Icon Post by ipsofpoison
Icon Post by lipsofpoison
Icon Post by lipsofpoison
Icon Post by lupinskitten
Icon Post by marinarusalka
Icon Post by mumbly_mumpy
Icon Post by quarterturn
Icon Post by roguedemonhunte
Icon Post by tenillypo

Sam/Dean Manip by ello_kitty [R]
Wallpapers by kaiyote

Gay Bar by ezgal
Frontline by existentialism
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by jadesfire101
Giddy Up by mamoru22
Weapon by staceey
Right Here by staceey
Beautifully Broken by staceey

Supernatural Musings by lyra_wing
Demon Hitlist by mrscutedean
Main Character Review Bios by mrscutedean
Pilot Recap by mrscutedean
Spoilers by myrna1_2_3
Fandom Meta by stone_princess
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