It just came to my attention that people still had this community friended and/or found it without realizing there was another Newsletter out there, so just FYI: spnnewsletter

I'll use this opportunity to apologize for leaving everybody hanging dry; RL troubles kept me away from the 'net for months, and I have to admit the newsletter was the least of my worries. When I finally thought about it, I figured it'd been so long since I'd updated it that a new one had probably already been created to take over, which is what happened.

I'll be keeping this community around, because I figure browsing through old links can still be fun, but it won't be updated anymore. So for the few of you who hadn't heard about it before, head on over spnnewsletter.

Thanks for the ride and the comments, everyone, and now go thank your new moderators estrella30 and monkiedude.

Back, finally...

Christmas holidays and Internet troubles have kept me from these parts, and I apologize to you all. The day's newsletter will be posted tonight, and the missed days will gradually be added during the next week or two.

In the meantime, if you've posted anything during the last three weeks that you'd like to see published on the newsletter ASAP (by you or by someone else), please post the link/s in the comments and I'll add the post/s to today's and tomorrow's newsletters.

Again, I'm sorry. It seems all Internet-access troubles have been resolved, so this shouldn't happen again.

December 13th - 16th

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Fiction: Gen
Midnight Clear by beanside [PG-13]
The Silence in Between by catalects [PG]
untitled 76 by traveller
Rituals by ezgal [G]
Just A Little Lullaby by joyfulgirl41 [G]
A Taste Of Smoke by koyote19 [G]
Haunted by sinden [G]
Family Matters by winterlive [PG-13]
Psychic Spare Time by winterlive

Fiction: Slash (Sam/Dean)
To Hell in a Handbasket by elohvee[R]
Just Like by sorrelchestnut [R]
Last Man Standing by jdsampson [PG-13]
Lead Us Not Into Temptation by joyfulgirl41 [NC-17]
Hurts by laminy [NC-17]
Wish You Were Here by marcusflint (Jess/Sam) [PG-13]
Christmas Trees Do Not Make Good Pets by slytherinblack [PG]
Senses by sylph_ironlight [PG-13]
Snow Bunnies by tallisen [NC-17]
Don't Ask, Don't Tell by winterlive [NC-17]

Vid Rec by amothea
Fic rec by i_naiad
Fic Rec by monkiedude
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Jensen & Jared Picspam by gwyntastic
Jensen & Jared Eye!Picspam by gwyntastic
Sam Picture posted by robanybody
Jensen Picspam by stone_princess
Jensen/Jared Picture posted by winterlive

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Sam Manip by ezgal [PG]
Banners by teamane

I Don't Want To Wake Up by existentialism
Scars by staceey

January Promo by mrscutedean

Supernatural Sign-Up Sheet on crack_van
Transcriptions of John's Diary Entries by ezgal
John as Abusive!Dad by robanybody
SN vs. SPN by scribewraith
Transcriptions of John's Diary Entries by winterlive

December 9th - 12th

News & Articles
A Formula Behind the Fright (Washington Post) posted at sn_daily
Supernatural Captures Horror Flick Terror on the Small Screen

Possession Challenges Stories on spn_flashfic
Challenges 7-11 at supernatural100

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Fiction: Gen
The World Was His Cloister by brynwulf [PG-13]
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by crumpeteer [G]
A Storm in the Silence by lyra_wing [PG]
Quand Sam Dort by moonfairyhime [PG-13]
Moonlight by pixiewildfire [PG]
White Knight by pixiewildfire
Welcome to the Club by relativity1953
The Middle of Nowhere by scealai17
Untitled Vignette by semi_anonymous [R]

Fiction: Het (Sam/Jess)
New Flower by pixel_0 [PG-13]

Fiction: Slash (Sam/Dean)
Hot Hot Heat by 16shadesofwild
Undulating Dynamics by dhvana
Phantom Traveller by elzano [NC-17]
Hymnal by figletofvenice [PG-13]
Nobody Loses All The Time by julissak01 [NC-17]
Room and Board by maygra [NC-17]
The Fall From Grace in Ten Easy Steps by maygra [R]
Never Again by staceey & crazy4qaf [NC-17]
Strangers in the Night by staceey & crazy4qaf [NC-17]
Tired by _samdean_ [NC-17]
If Cars Could Talk by slytherinblack [PG-13]
It's Been Awhile by axis2cluster_b Boondock Saints Crossover (Dean/Connor McManus) [NC-17]
As Water by whereupon [R]

Fiction: Crossovers
Hunter Series Interlude: Walmart by lisaroquin [PG-13]
It's Been Awhile by axis2cluster_b Boondock Saints Crossover (Dean/Connor McManus, Dean/Sam) [NC-17]

Fiction: RPS (Jensen/Jared)
Hiatus by maidazia [NC-17]

Fic Rec by amothea
Fic Rec by amothea
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Fic Rec by traveller
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Sam/Dean Manip by ello_kitty [R]
Wallpapers by kaiyote

Gay Bar by ezgal
Frontline by existentialism
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by jadesfire101
Giddy Up by mamoru22
Weapon by staceey
Right Here by staceey
Beautifully Broken by staceey

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Main Character Review Bios by mrscutedean
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December 6th, 7th & 8th

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New Community: spn_het
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Fiction: Gen
An Acceptable Sacrifice by catanzey
O Tannenbaum by dhvana [PG]
Right There With You, All The Way by diamondback158
Searching For The Truth by dragonsinger
Born to Light and Dark by formelydf
Atonement by halfshellvenus [PG]
Skin Coda by jinx37kat [PG]
Michigan, Winter of 1998 by staceey & crazy4qaf
Hot Chocolate by pixiewildfire [G]

Fiction: Slash (Sam/Dean)
The Winchester Brothers in the Land of Fic by isolde13 [R]
The Infinite Sadness- Friday's Child (3/5) by la_folle_allure
Protection by quietdiscerning & tallisen
For the Love of Mother-Not & Whisper to a Scream by maygra [R]
A Day Like Today by mysticshell [PG]
Voodoo Thing by semi_anonymous (Dean/OMC) [R]
Sunset by sxeraven [NC-17]
Golly Gosh Darn, Those Canadians! by sylph_ironlight [G]
Lost in the Woods by tallisen [NC-17]
Crack, Hustler!Fic Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 by winterlive

Fiction: Crossovers
Aftermath by sorrelchestnut (Xander/Dean)
Proof in the Blood by lunarknightz X-Men Crossover [PG]
Someone to Live for by lunarknightz [PG]

Fiction: Het
Opportunistic Lover by joyfulgirl41 (Girl!Sam/Dean) [NC-17]

Fiction: RPS
Untold by traveller [R]
The Others by storydivagirl [R]

Fic Rec by amothea
Fic Recs by robanybody
Fic Rec by robanybody
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Fic Rec by apocalypsos
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Fic Rec by witchofthedogs
Fic Rec by witchofthedogs

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Do Something by ezgal
Forsaken by existentialism
New Disease by existentialism
Ordinary by interviewer1985
Goodbye To You by maria_deguerin
I Won't Say I'm In Love by maria_deguerin
Flames & Going Under by mrscutedean
Booty Song by staceey
Slip of the Tongue by staceey
Forgive Me by _rejectreality_
My Love & Goodnight by spiritofkt
Wonderboy by tallisen

Cover Art by lunarknightz
Desktop Backgrounds by moonilicious
Friends-Only Banner by maleficently

Abusive!John Rant by amaresu
Going Nowhere Fast (Soundtrack) by elohvee
Spoilers by witchofthedogs
Spoilers by witchofthedogs

Sorry for the delay between newsletters -- midterms ate life.

December 5th


December 3rd - 4rth


December 1st - 2nd

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Fiction: Gen
It's a Matter of Trust by burningchaos [PG-13]
santa Claus ic Coming to Town by cadhla [G]
Brick and Mortar by catanzey [G]
Exael Part 3 of 4 by diamondback158 [R]
The Darkening of the Light by la_annah [G]
Law of Diminishing Returns (August) by witchofthedogs

Fiction: Slash (Sam/Dean)
Walking Wounded Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 by burningchaos [R]
Happy at the Emerald Bar by elohvee [R]
In Vino Veritas by deannaz [NC-17]
Retribution and Remorse by dhvana [R]
Sometimes the Hero Almost Screws it Up by isolde13 [PG-13]
The Infinite Sadness: Tuesday’s Child by la_folle_allure (Sam/Jess) [R]
Sweet Troubled Soul by la_folle_allure [R]
Mask of the Heart by semi_anonymous [NC-17]
Bound by sylph_ironlight [NC-17]
Shouldn't Ever Have to Be This Hard by stone_princess [NC-17]
In the Stillness by axis2cluster_b (Sam/Jess) [NC-17]

Fiction: Het (Sam/Jess)
The Infinite Sadness: Tuesday’s Child by la_folle_allure (Sam/Dean) [R]
In the Stillness by axis2cluster_b (Sam/Dean) [NC-17]

Fic Rec by castalie
Fic Rec by nevcolleil
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Fic Recs by storydivagirl
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Misogyny on Supernatural by cadhla (dated 10-05)
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November 30th


November 28th - 29th