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Supernatural Newsletter
December 6th, 7th & 8th 
9th-Dec-2005 01:07 am
New Community: sn_eighttrack
New Community: spn_gen
New Community: spn_het
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Dreamwatch Magazine Article posted on sn_daily

Challenge 17 Winners at super_icontest
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mrscutedean's Skin recap

Fiction: Gen
An Acceptable Sacrifice by catanzey
O Tannenbaum by dhvana [PG]
Right There With You, All The Way by diamondback158
Searching For The Truth by dragonsinger
Born to Light and Dark by formelydf
Atonement by halfshellvenus [PG]
Skin Coda by jinx37kat [PG]
Michigan, Winter of 1998 by staceey & crazy4qaf
Hot Chocolate by pixiewildfire [G]

Fiction: Slash (Sam/Dean)
The Winchester Brothers in the Land of Fic by isolde13 [R]
The Infinite Sadness- Friday's Child (3/5) by la_folle_allure
Protection by quietdiscerning & tallisen
For the Love of Mother-Not & Whisper to a Scream by maygra [R]
A Day Like Today by mysticshell [PG]
Voodoo Thing by semi_anonymous (Dean/OMC) [R]
Sunset by sxeraven [NC-17]
Golly Gosh Darn, Those Canadians! by sylph_ironlight [G]
Lost in the Woods by tallisen [NC-17]
Crack, Hustler!Fic Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 by winterlive

Fiction: Crossovers
Aftermath by sorrelchestnut (Xander/Dean)
Proof in the Blood by lunarknightz X-Men Crossover [PG]
Someone to Live for by lunarknightz [PG]

Fiction: Het
Opportunistic Lover by joyfulgirl41 (Girl!Sam/Dean) [NC-17]

Fiction: RPS
Untold by traveller [R]
The Others by storydivagirl [R]

Fic Rec by amothea
Fic Recs by robanybody
Fic Rec by robanybody
Fic Recs by stone_princess
Fic Rec by apocalypsos
Fic Rec by witchofthedogs
Fic Rec by witchofthedogs
Fic Rec by witchofthedogs

New Promo Pictures linked by moonilicious
Jensen Picspam by robanybody
Jensen Picspam by stone_princess

Icon Post by cappa8
Icon Post + Wllpaper by carmendove
Icon Post by nightcomes
Icon Post by crystalkirk
Icon Post by lenschn
Jensen Picspam by stone_princess

Do Something by ezgal
Forsaken by existentialism
New Disease by existentialism
Ordinary by interviewer1985
Goodbye To You by maria_deguerin
I Won't Say I'm In Love by maria_deguerin
Flames & Going Under by mrscutedean
Booty Song by staceey
Slip of the Tongue by staceey
Forgive Me by _rejectreality_
My Love & Goodnight by spiritofkt
Wonderboy by tallisen

Cover Art by lunarknightz
Desktop Backgrounds by moonilicious
Friends-Only Banner by maleficently

Abusive!John Rant by amaresu
Going Nowhere Fast (Soundtrack) by elohvee
Spoilers by witchofthedogs
Spoilers by witchofthedogs

Sorry for the delay between newsletters -- midterms ate life.
9th-Dec-2005 12:20 am (UTC)
I apologize for not labeling my cut tags more clearly - the "Asylum" review in my LJ is actually for an episode of due South, not Supernatural. Though for a minute there, I did wonder if I'd reviewed it and just didn't remember! *g*
9th-Dec-2005 02:32 am (UTC)
Sorry for the delay between newsletters -- midterms ate life.

No worries. Thank you for doing this. (((HUGS)))
10th-Dec-2005 11:13 pm (UTC)
1. You rule.
2. If you give me a day or so, I'll finish reviewing beta comments and post it as an actual one-piece fic that hopefully will not blind you with POV shifts. :)
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